What is the Podcast Kit and how do I use it?

The Podcast Kit is a small case with equipment that will help you enhance the quality of the podcasts or audio you record. If the DIY Podcast Studio does not offer the flexibility you need, the Podcast Kit will! Take it to a location of your choosing and record your audio or podcast easily with the Zoom recorder. Transfer your data from the SD-card to your own device and turn your audio into a masterpiece.

In these kits, you will find:

  • a Zoom H4 or Zoom H6 recorder;
  • an SD-card and SD-to-USB adapter;
  • a Powerbank to power the recorder, with necessary cables.
  • And you can borrow a headset from the information desk if you need one. 

The kit comes in an easy-to-carry flight case and includes an instruction leaflet. Please make sure to take care of the equipment so that the next user can work with the kit as well. Report any damages that may occur, when returning the kit at the Library Information Desk.

There are two kits available: one at the Inner City Library and one in the Randwyck Library. The recorders are a different type, but both function the same. At the moment, we are waiting for one more part to make Podcast Kit B operational, so for now only Podcast Kit A can be booked and picked up in Randwyck. 

How to prepare for using the Kit?
Prepare yourself for your audio recording before you book and pick up the Podcast Kit. Know what you want to record, how you want to record it and where, to speed up the recording process.

When using the recorder, it is best to do so in an environment with minimal surrounding noise. Make sure to point the recorder at the source of the sound for the best results.

Also keep in mind to check the requirements of your task.

How to book a Kit?
Reserve a kit in advance, to ensure one is available at the time you need it!

To book a kit, use the Ask Your Librarian tool. Let us know if you want to pick up the kit at the Inner City Library or at the Randwyck Library. It will be ready for you at the Information Desk at your booked time.

There is 1 kit available at the Inner City Library, and 1 at the Randwyck Library. You can borrow a kit for 72 hours at a time using your UM card. Opening hours for picking up and returning the kit are Monday to Friday from 08.30 to 17.00.