About Pure

Pure is UM’s Current Research Information System (CRIS) in which we register not only scientific and professional publications, but also talks, activities, press content and datasets related to Maastricht University research and researchers.  Hence, it is serving as a rich source of UM research output and window to the outside (academic) world.

Pure facilitates an evidence-based execution of strategy to unlock full research potential, leading to increased funding, improved international collaboration and greater visibility.

All research information entered in Pure and set to public will be presented in the Pure portal on the UM website: Research Information.

CRIS team

CRIS team lead:
Carien Hilvering

Functional management:
Mir Uiterwijk: FHML support
Lilian Vergeldt: SBE, FSE, FL and FASoS support
Chantal Machiels: FPN support

Technical management:
Ivo Bleylevens

The CRIS team is responsible for the daily maintenance and performance of Pure.

Services offered

What we do to make the use of Pure as easy as possible:

  • WoS and Pubmed import: every 2 weeks new publications are searched and automatically imported in Pure
  • Taverne: the library makes UM publications open access available through the Dutch Copyright Act
  • DOI: To improve findability and accessibility, the library facilitates adding a DOI to publications published by Maastricht University such as dissertations, lectures, working papers and reports

Faculty key users and editors

Each faculty has one or more key users that serves as a contact person for the UM Pure team whenever issues or questions occur.
The faculty editors are responsible for the final validation of your entry in Pure before it is visible on the portal.