The normalized citation impact of a publication is not available in the Web of Science as such, but in InCites (build on top of the Web of Science) to which the UM subscribes. Although the UM does not subscribe to SciVal, the Field Weighted Citation Impact (FWCI) can be obtained via Scopus for individual publications, including books and chapters when indexed.

Scopus displays the percentile in subject area under the bibliographic data of each record, and InCites displays the percentile for a document when one choses this indicator to display. The percentile in subject area is also available in the Web of Science, in the so-called ‘Authors Impact Beamplot’. This beamplot is available after an author-search and by clicking the button: ‘view beamplot’. The ‘Authors Impact Beamplot’ displays the percentiles for all records belonging to the author.

Further guidance on obtaining normalized citation indicators: