In UM’s current research information system Pure, peer-review is a separate category under activities. When one needs proof of this activity, request a letter or certificate of contribution from the journal editor, or publisher, or use the email sent to you confirming your review has been received (Sage), or through the Reviewer Hub for Elsevier journals.

One of the longest standing forms of peer review are Letters to the Editor or Commentaries. Most journals assign DOIs to these contributions so you can link them to your ORCID profile or to reviews registered in Pure.

Many publishers collaborate with Publons, with which one can register all review activities (pre- and post-publication peer reviews), although pre-publication peer reviews might not be visible as publishers have not linked all their journals to Publons. With a free Publons account, you can claim and produce a verified record of your review activities for CVs (when appropriate, or allowed). The default public Publons profile only displays the date and the journal involved, but reviewers can also choose to make the content of their reviews open access after the publication of the reviewed publication, including the full text of the review, although journals can choose to override this.

You can also use ORCID to register your reviewing activity. ORCID collaborates with publishers as well, to confirm the review activities for their journals creating a verified record of a person’s review and editorial activity for journals. When linking your ORCID ID to Publons, one can opt-in to have Publons automatically export your review history to your ORCID profile.

Open peer-review

If you practice open peer-review – adopted by some publishers, journals, a couple of pre-print servers[1], and other platforms such as F1000Research, PubPeer or ResearchGate – you might point this out because making peer-review more transparent, accountable, and review reports open and accessible is seen as an important Open Science effort. When practicing open peer-review, choose platforms that issue DOIs for your reviews to link them to your ORCID profile.

For information on Transparent Peer Review (TPR) see