Vimeo: views, likes, collections, comments
TED Talks TEDx: views, likes
YouTube: views, likes, dislikes, comments

The altmetrics displayed underneath videos, whether at the mentioned sites or others, are possible indicators of interest. One should use these indicators with caution as videos can easily attract a lot of attention for being funny or controversial, whereas another video might only have a few viewers but convey important information to them. One might also use the altmetrics aggregators PlumX (via the Pure-portal) or Altmetric Explorer but one should be aware of some differences between the two, concerning videos.

Altmetric Explorer only tracks videos from their whitelisted collection of YouTube channels, and does not track the number of Comments to a video. Comments are available by clicking to the video itself.

PlumX tracks videos on Vimeo and YouTube, and reports the number of comments, likes, the number of times a video (or a podcasts) has been played, people who have subscribed for an update, and the number of times the video has been marked as a favourite (YouTube only).

The numbers of videos produced by yourself is an indicator of outreach (academic and/or societal), or an indicator of your efforts to popularise scientific research results. The library offers support on publishing your videos.

When uploaded to Zenodo or Figshare, you can use their usage indicators.

However, be cautious when using usage data, and only use them when they are exceptionally high which is often difficult to judge.