What is it?

Research Software Management is the systematic process of organizing, maintaining, and documenting the software tools developed during a research project. It encompasses the creation of a clear plan for the development, use, and maintenance of software, ensuring that it is properly licensed, and making it accessible and reusable for other researchers.


Why is it important?

In the context of Open Science, software is a crucial component of research. Proper management of research software enhances its longevity, usability, and reproducibility, ensuring that these valuable tools continue to contribute to scientific discovery long after the original project has concluded. By adhering to the principles of Research Software Management, researchers can enhance the transparency and impact of their work, fostering a more collaborative and efficient scientific community.


How to manage research software?

Documentation and version control, the Software Management Plan (SMP) and licensing research software are essential aspects of managing research software. You can access practical information on these topics on the following pages.