The University Library offers computer facilities and modern audio-visual equipment; from a professional “Do it Yourself Video booth”, to 3D printers, Podcast equipment and presentation screens. Find out more about the variety of facilities and how students and staff can use them, sometimes upon reservation. To get more information, instruction and help, you can also turn to our staff at the library Information desk.

Computers in the library

The library provides more than 600 computers at its locations in the Inner City and Randwyck libraries. Students and staff can access these computers by logging in with their UM username and password.

You can find computers at:

  • the Inner City and Randwyck  library
  • Randwyck Computer Facilities
  • LINK (UNS50)
Randwyck Computer Facilities

The Randwyck Computer Facilities include the computer rooms of the Faculty of Health, Medicine & Life Sciences and the Faculty of Psychology & Neuroscience. These rooms are used by lecturers for instruction purposes or tests. If a room has not been booked, the computers can be used by individual students. If these rooms are booked it will be indicated.

The Computer Facilities consist of:

  • 5 large rooms, which can be used for instruction or tests. Every room has 45 study spaces
  • in addition there are 5 smaller rooms, also suitable for instruction or tests, each equipped with 12 study spaces

These are multimedia rooms, including a projector and an audio system. Every workplace is equipped with a PC and a chair.

Location and opening hours of the Randwyck computer facilities:

  • located on the 1st floor of the UM building on the Universiteitssingel 50, adjacent to the bamboo garden
  • opening hours
Public computers in the library

Each library location has a few public computer workstations. Anyone can access these without logging in to use the Online Library and the library search engine LibSearch.

Also computers for watching DVDs are freely accessible.

Manuals Library computer facilities

Inner City Library

Remote access to content and software

There are several ways to get remote access to use all software necessary for working and studying at Maastricht University (from MS Office applications to highly specialised scientific software). All you need is your own device (for instance your laptop) and a stable internet connection. Find out on the page on Remote access.

Use your own device (laptop) at UM

Many study spaces are equipped with power outlets. Members of the UM community can connect their own laptop, tablet and/or smartphone to the UM WiFi network Eduroam or UMnet.
For more information, please check WiFi: Maastricht University Wireless Network.

Storage capacity for students

There are several options available for students to save and store their documents and work.​

Makerspace & DIY studio's

The Makerspace is a unique, collaborative learning space that is open to everyone. It is a multipurpose flexible space for students and staff.

The library also offers equipment when you want to film a video or record a podcast. Think about using the Smartphone Kit, the Do-It-Yourself Video Studio or the Do-It-Yourself Podcast Studio, but also various recording apps and tools.