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Find and offer as many resources as you want and develop your students into domain experts and well-trained information seekers.

Borrowing from the library

Borrowing from the library

How to borrow books, journals and other items from the library
library collections


Library collections
Copyright Info Point

Copyright Information Point

The Maastricht University Library compiled the Copyright Information Point to inform and advice UM students, teachers and researchers about copyright issues.


About e-books
Ordering literature

Ordering literature

UM staff and students can make suggestions for ordering books for the library collection. UM teachers can order titels for the Learning and Resource
Reference List

Reference List

Course coordinators can store all literature related to a course on one place: Reference List. Every course coordinator has access to this University Library

Facilities for education

Are you teaching or planning exams in the University Library in the upcoming period? In that case, we offer facilities and services for your education.

Computer facilities in the library

Computer facilities in the library

You can make use of the computer facilities in the library or bring you own devices. There are multi function printers at your disposal.
Hours & Locations

Hours & Locations

Library crowd trackers and overview of library locations and opening hours.
Reserving rooms

Reserving rooms

Overview of the rooms that can be reserved by teachers and/or students
Software in the library

Software in the library

Students can use software provided by the library at all study places equipped with a computer in both University Library locations.
Storage capacity for students

Storage capacity for students

All students of Maastricht University have a personal drive to their disposal: the I:drive
Student Desktop Anywhere - SDA

Student Desktop Anywhere – SDA

Student Desktop Anywhere provides Maastricht University students with access to all student desktop facilities.
teaching in the library

Teaching in the University Library

Are you teaching in the University Library computer rooms in the upcoming period? In that case there are a number of things you need

WiFi: Wireless Network Maastricht University

A secured wireless network connection to the Maastricht University network and the internet. (Link opens in ICTS website)

Integrating information literacy into your course

We support teachers in learning students how to become information literate. Students learn to define research questions, where and how to search for information, how to evaluate and manage that information and create new information that builds upon that.

Information Skills Support

The library organises workshops, has made some online tutorials and instructional videos. Tutorials, video’s and additional information can be found on the Skills & Support page.

Blended PBL Support

In addition to hosting the digital learning environment (EleUM), the Library also supports teachers in using Blended teaching methods and other activating pedagogies, with the PBL-philosophy at its core. We facilitate teachers with a variety of online tools, such as (peer) feedback and audience response tools, to embed in both face-to-face and online activities.

Build a course or organisation in EleUM

Create interaction during your classes.

Organise digital assessment

Check the originality of a student's paper by making use of the plagiarism detection tool, connected to submitting assignments in the digital learning environment.

Audience response tool

Create interaction during your classes.

Plagiarism detection

Check the originality of a student's paper by making use of the plagiarism detection tool, connected to submitting assignments in the digital learning environment.

Blogs in your course

To have students publish their writings and reflect on their progress and have others (peers and teachers) comment.

Video in your course - VideUM

Visit VideUM for UM video services and more information about implementing video for a second watch or specific didactic scenarios.

Concept mapping tools

Concept-mapping and mind-mapping software are used to create diagrams or relationships between concepts, ideas or other pieces of information.

Virtual classroom

Facilitate group sessions on a distance.

Discussion boards

Facilitate peer support and collaborative knowledge building.

Wikis in your course

For collaborative writing and peer review.

Electronic portfolios

Offer coaching and feedback on a student built a portfolio which makes it easy to showcase students’ work and to help to demonstrate their skills to teachers or prospective employers.

Support for teachers

Specialised help on the available library facilities and services for teachers at Maastricht University.

Copyright information point

Everything about copyright for teachers.


Writing Studio

The main goal of the Writing Studio is to support students and help them reflect on their thinking, searching and writing process.


Data Search Support

Turn to our data search specialists when help is needed in searching for data.


Peer Point

At Peer Point, your students can get help from a fellow student.


Library Workshops & Courses

We offer all sorts of workshops & courses in the field of information skills.


Thesis SupportAll

In addition, we offer the online Thesis SupportAll for bachelor and master students who are in the process of writing their thesis.

Education related news & events

Library Vlog #7: Blended Learning

Most teachers and students have heard about Blended Learning. However, defining this somewhat ambiguous concept is difficult. It is not well known what kind of support is available within UM Library. Learn all about this in our newest vlog!

New module ‘Profielwerkstuk’ online!

UM Library developed an online module to help pupils from secondary schools to work on their school project. This new (Dutch) module is now freely available online! The module contains practical information, self-tests, and examples.

Peer Point Tour 2019

Peer Point has been on tour the past few month, visiting UM faculties and having promotional stands at the University Library locations.

About copyright or why choose open educational resources?

Busy writing an article, using a paper or publishing a book? Check out how to cope with copyright issues. And did you ever considerate sharing or using open educational resources instead? Find out what are the options and restrictions.

UM students successfully use new video feedback feature

Recently the UM video platform Mediasite introduced ‘showcase’ for grouping uploaded videos for viewing. How well the showcases’ comment feature suits problem-based learning was demonstrated by students of FHML.


Contact & Support

For questions or information, use the web form right to contact a subject specialist.

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