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Learn more about Open Educational Resources (OER) that you can use for learning and teaching and about copyright. Read about the UM MOOC project. Join the tender for open and online education projects put out by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.


Open education?

Online education, open education and OER Online education is defined as education whereby all or at least 80% of all learning materials, tools and services are made available online.

Open education can be categorised on the basis of three different dimensions of openness:

  1. available free of charge
  2. freely accessible (no entry requirements, no closed paywalls, etc.)
  3. free to edit (with learning materials published on the basis of an open licence).

Today, open education programs are offered by established universities such as MIT, the TU Delft, as well as virtual universities and other educational institutions.

Open ≠ OER!

It is important to distinguish between Open Educational Resources (OER) and open education.

OER refers only to the content, whereas open education or open learning combines OER (the actual resources) with a form of education.

Forms of open education

Open access to certified programmes
Open access programmes without credit
Open access course platforms
OER - Open Educational Resources


Open Educational Resources refers to any type of educational materials that can be freely re-used, re-distributed, revised, re-mixed and retained (the five basic principles of OER).

In other words, anyone can legally copy, use, adapt and re-share these materials, free of charge. It can include textbooks, syllabi, assignments, notes, projects, tests, or other learning materials.

Examples of OER
Open educational resources for medicine
Photos available in the public domain

Copyright & Creative Commons

OER Copyright Game
Creative Commons Licenses
More on OER & copyright


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