The University Library houses collections related to the different faculty disciplines at Maastricht University, a central background collection, learning and resource centre collections and Special Collections. A large part of the faculty and general collections are digitally available in the Online Library.

Faculty collections


The University Library started with the acquisition of the Jesuit Library in 1974. This library contains a broad humanity collection, which is closely related to the current  educational and research activities at Maastricht University. Today, this library is part of the Special Collections.

  • The collections for the faculties of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML), Psychology and Neuroscience (FPN) and Science and Engineering (FSE), the Academic Hospital Maastricht (azM/MUMC+) and the University of Midwifery Education & Studies Maastricht (AVMU) are located at Universiteitssingel 50 in Randwyck.
  • The collections for the faculties of Arts and Social Sciences (FASoS) and Law (FL), the School of Business and Economics (SBE) are located in the city centre of Maastricht: Grote Looierstraat 17.

You will find all course-related collections in the Learning and Resource Centres at both library locations.

General collections

This collection contains reference works and other content related to other disciplines than those related to a Maastricht University faculty such as language, statistics, sociology and education. The general collection encompasses works for general reference (address books, dictionaries, encyclopaedias and bibliographies).

Learning and resource centre collections

The collection of books in the Learning and Resource Centre is based on the university’s various curricula. Course coordinators compile the collection for the Learning and Resource Centre. They decide which titles should be available for each course. Each year the course coordinators screen the titles on relevance and currency. As a UM student you can make suggestions for new orders to your course coordinator.

  • Basically, several titles are available per subject, and several editions per title. These books are not for loan; they should be available in the learning and resource centre at all times.
  • Along with books, the Learning and Resource Centre is also home to a digital range of audio-visual media.
  • The Randwyck Library houses a collection of anatomy models.
  • The library offers an increasing number of digital learning resources, such as course books, literature folders, e-readers and theses. You can find these media using the Online Library. Students have access to these resources via Canvas.
Special Collections

The University Library owns heritage collections; Special Collections from the past, with important value for today’s society, education and research.

UM Digital Heritage Collection

The Maastricht University Library holds a number of collections, which are of significant value to society, education, and research. The UM Digital Heritage Collection consists of several magazines, Maffius, renamed Observant in 1980 and completely digitized in 2018, ContinuUM, the quarterly magazine of the UM, and a Picture Collection of UM buildings.