The software offered by the University Library can be divided into generic applications for all UM students and faculty-specific applications. The latter programs are installed by the library at the request of an individual faculty and are only available for students of that particular faculty. This means that what exactly is available to you changes over time.

Basic layer

The basic layer is identical to every user and contains among others the following software: Windows 10, IE 11, Chrome, Microsoft office 2016, PDF Exchange, VLC mediaplayer, Java.

UM licensed software (Plus layer)

The Plus layer contains software for which the UM has an institution wide license: MATLAB, R for Windows, RStudio, ATLAS.ti , SPSS, EndNote, C++, Redistributable.

Faculty specific software (BE layer)

The BE layer contains software that is generally faculty specific. Software within this layer can be distributed to a group of people or even an individual, this can even be done for a short period of time (according to the licensing terms).

Click here for an overview of the available software per faculty.

Request software

If the desired software is not available or if faculty wants to request updates of existing software installed for specific faculties, (only) UM staff can request additional software by filling in a form provided by ICTS.

Step 1: Go to the ICTS Self-Service Portal
Step 2: Click on the tile ‘My workplace’ and then click ‘Virtual workplace (VDI)’
Step 3: In the menu on the right choose ‘Order software packaging’, or use this direct link.